Blog- Responsive Web Design – The key for optimum exposure of websites

Responsive Web Design – The key for optimum exposure of websites

Presently we live in a world where technology drives us through all the aspects of life. And it is of no wonder that humans have become more dependent on technology these days. The most superior example of this fact is the increasing number of mobile users. You must have noticed that over the last few years, the number of mobile phone users, in fact smart phone users has increased drastically. According to the research reports, by the end of 2018, the number of mobile devices will exceed the population of Earth.

This increased number of smart phone users has brought a drastic change in the world of websites or web design to be specific. The recent buzz in the domain of web design is responsive web design. People, who are not very familiar with the concept, this refers to a web designing process which will enable any website to become visible through all kinds of devices. You must have noticed that there are some websites which are not easily accessible through mobile phones or tablets. This means those sites are not responsive.

Responsive design enables websites to adjust with any screen size or resolution. This simply indicates that business owners need not to create website for different devices like desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phones etc. It saves money and time both. And since a single URL is used, it helps to improve the SEO campaigns as well. And the most important thing is Google also prefer this design.  Now the question that arises here is why responsive web design helps your business?

To answer this question more effectively, we will take a look at a statistics here. O’Neill Clothing is a very popular e-commerce site. When they change the design of their website to responsive, they experienced a dramatic change in their business figures. Below here is the statistics.

For iPhone Users:

> Conversion rate increased by 65.71%

> Transactions increased by 112.5%

> Earnings increased by 101.25%

iphone users

For the Android Users:

> Conversion rate increased by 407.32%

> Transactions increased by 333.33%

> Earnings increased by a whopping 591.42%

android users

If you are already surprised to see the improvements then hold on for a sec. These changes have happened within a period of just one month. This may be the statistics of O’Neill but the scenario is almost the same with every other company. If a onetime change in the design of your website can bring so much improvement in your business then why would anybody not like this?

Responsive design is the next big level of website designing

Now, you may be curious to know about the entire process. How this works and how this brings more revenues to any company. Below here I will try to make you clear about these things.

Enhanced User Experience

This is one of the most effective advantages of using responsive web design. You must be aware that the intention of creating a website is to reach to more people and let them know about your service or products through the contents. While you incorporate this design in your website, it provides a better viewing experience to the users.

When users get to see the same website on their mobile phones and smart phones they don’t prefer leaving the site which decreases the bounce rate. And it is quite proven that sites with decreased bounce rate are more likely to increase the conversion rate. And when the viewers get converted into customers, the revenue automatically improves.

It allows reaching to a greater viewer base

The use of smart phones has increased drastically. In the USA, 58% of the people own a smart phone. This has made accessing internet very easy and convenient. This means that viewers have the option to spend more time on any website.

According to the reports of Campaign Monitor, around 42% of the people prefer accessing their personal emails through their phones. And another very interesting factor seen with mobile phone use is that the click rate decreases while accessing internet from mobile or smart phones.

One thing is very loud and clear that is you have to provide the best viewing experience to your visitors and only this can improve the traffic to your website.

Below here are some interesting facts that will help you understand the importance of responsive design for your business.

            > 15% of the global traffic on the internet comes from the smart phone users. This means, if you site is not responsive, you are certainly going to miss that traffic.

            > Mobile internet usage is soon to take over the traditional internet usage through desktop.

            > HTML5 is making responsive web design popular and this is soon to become the standard for web designing.

            > According to the statistics, 67% of the users are more likely to visit internet from mobile.

            > 62% of the companies which have introduced responsive design in their website. Has gained more revenue.

            > 48% of the users tend to get annoyed when they find that the sites are not mobile-friendly.

            > 48% of the users have stated that if they find that a website is not working on the smart phones, it makes them feel wrong about the website.

All these advantages are very easily available with one change in your website design. If your business website is still not responsive, this is the time to convert your website to a responsive one. This allows businesses to get in touch with their customer base spread across the world.