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10 Internet Marketing Mistakes

Do I really need to inform you about what Internet marketing is? This is the most sought after marketing strategy of the present time. To put it simple, there is no better alternative to promote your service to the global platform. Time has travelled a lot and so are the plans and strategies of business promotion. Internet offers an easier access to the global market with an opportunity to reach to the massive number of people. While you assure better traffic to your site, the rate of conversion gets increased simultaneously.

Irrespective of the extension of the organization, small-medium and large enterprises are acquiring internet marketing strategies for the desired elevation of their online venture. But the fact is that you cannot entertain any mistake that can jeopardize the potential of success. Here, we are about to discuss the 10 mistakes commonly done in Internet marketing that can prevent the natural growth of your success.

Here are the mistakes, often committed in Internet marketing strategies:

#1. Not Having Self hosted Blog:

It is a professional platform for the desired promotion of your business and nobody is going to take you seriously until you are using your own blog to convey thoughts and information on your service. It is very unprofessional if your blogs are published on Blogger or This will limit the opportunity of your success. Get your own domain and host the blogs on that personalized domain.


#2. Not Having the Site Designed responsive:

In this present climate, things are greatly judged by its appearance and so would be the website that you’ve created for your business. You need to acquire professional responsive design for the same to make it visually attractive. The visitors will very likely judge your business through the design of the website and the very first impression will get carried along with time. So design it effectively.


#3. Saving Money with the Cheapest Vendor:

While spending for the design and development of your website, you need to consider that as an investment rather than expense. This will restrain you from trying to save money with cheapest vendors. Initially this may accomplish the task with minimal expense but, you will not achieve quality work from them. More so, you will have to acquire the same task again which is ultimately causing no savings in the long run.

avoid cheap internet marketing companies

#4. Not Providing Regular Contents:

Internet marketing is the best platform to achieve a globalized attention for your business! Visitors will come to your website in search for their required information. You can plan to provide that only through quality and relevant contents. This is counted by the search engines as well if your site is updated with regular contents or not. Not having updated information will discourage the visitors from visiting your website.

daily blog update

#5. Not Targeting the Related Keywords:

This is what the owners need to understand very clearly that visitors will reach the site only after searching through keywords. So functional keywords, according to the service should be utilized in the contents. The scenario doesn’t change if you are targeting local SEO for that matter. Not only the targeted keywords, your contents should be stuffed with synonymous and close variation of that keyword too.

wrong direction

#6. Not Acquiring Video Marketing:

The utilization and efficiency of a video content is much higher than textual contents. The faster you realize this truth the better results you achieve for your venture through internet marketing. Videos can offer improved contents with greater conversion rates. Since, Google owns You Tube, proper optimization of the video content will bring in positive ranking for it. Thus you can utilize this sophisticated medium to reach to larger audience.

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#7. Not Using Website Analytics:

This is the foremost important step to maintain the right order for online marketing. You need to have a clear and thorough detail of how many visitors are entering your site, where they are coming from, what pages are losing traffic earlier etc. and website analytics (preferably Google Analytics) will provide you with all these important information.

google analytics

#8. Not Capturing Visitor’s Detail:

It takes years of hard work to draw the attention of the visitors and the common mistakes often made by the internet marketers is that they do not keep any trace of those visitors. Result: your visitors lose the URL of your site and you also lose the contact of those visitors. You need to put your effort to keep the address and contacts of those visitors. The best way would be to set up an email newsletter list to send free updates and ebook in exchange of their details.

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#9. Failing to Plan Long Term:

The primary thing is that you need to plan for a long tern while stepping into internet marketing. This marketing process is comprised of so many technical aspects and you should maintain them thoroughly. Results will come if you continue to do so and for this reason, you need to hold your patience. This is where many owners lag behind.

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#10. All Learning and No Action:

There is no doubt about the fact that so many things are there to learn about Internet Marketing and you should definitely follow selective studies to gather more knowledge about the service and its techniques. But this is not what you will only do. You need to multiply your knowledge with the action and then only you are going to get some positive results for your business.


These are the common mistakes often made by the internet marketers while following online promotional strategies. Overcoming the issues is very important as these play significant role in determining the success of your venture over the internet. You should obviously concentrate on these aspects and rectify these mistakes to achieve desired results for your brand.